Best Way To Accept International Payment In Nigeria

Have you at any point pondered about the simplest approaches to get cash from abroad in Nigeria? Is it true that you are a specialist or online dealer having provokes offering your items and administrations to the worldwide market since you don’t have a clue how to get global installments? This article is for you. You will find easy and reliable solutions to accept payments from all over the world using online methods.

Accepting Payment

1. PayPal: This payment system is very common among online businesses and especially the online market. You can accept direct payments and also charge fees on your sales. PayPal is a must for online businesses. But we all know PayPal doesn’t allow receiving of payment in Nigeria, the best way to use PayPal is to open a foreign account (Lesotho, South Africa, UAE), to withdraw your money, you need to sell PayPal funds to an exchanger

2. bank transfers: If you already have a bank account, then bank transfers can be used to receive payment. It is very convenient to receive payment this way especially if you sell to clients all over the world. They won’t need to come to your bank to make a deposit.

3. Western Union: If you live in a place where banks don’t have a presence like many parts of Africa, then money transfer through Western Union can be an option. You can get a lot of money transferred using this service and the fees are low as well.

4. Checks: Checks can be used for smaller amounts and are slower than the other payment methods. However, they are reliable and you don’t need a bank account to accept them.

5. Skrill: Skrill is a well-known payment solution for online businesses and is reliable. You can receive payments through this service and once the payment has cleared, you will receive your funds in your bank account.

6. PerfectMoney: PerfectMoney is a similar payment processor to Skrill and is accepted by numerous online stores. It’s important to note that Perfect Money takes slightly longer to transfer than Skrill though.

7. Accept payments in person: You can always accept payments in person. This is a slow and not very reliable way to receive money but it is free. You can find local adult stores willing to pay for the privilege of viewing your business card.

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