Getting Started

Follow these steps to setup a a new site:

  1. Register a username using the form to the right or by clicking here
  2. Make sure you are logged in before going to the next step
  3. Click on Create a Site and follow the instructions on the form
  4. Your new site should be active and ready to be customized

The default setup is for the “Home” page to be a list of blog “Posts”, and then any static “Pages” are automatically added to the top menu. If you want your home page to be static, go to “Settings”->”Reading”. The top option allows you to set a “Page” to replace the default “Home”.

If you need help, send qurgh a public or private message.

Beginners Tutorials

WordPress Codex: Lessons A collection of text-based tutorials covering all aspects of WordPress

Video Tutorial on using the Responsive Theme: This link skips the first 15 minutes, as that’s all about installing WordPress, which you don’t need to do. In general, while watching the video, remember that all the themes and plugins will already been installed and will only need to be activated to be used.

Advanced Tutorials