XLV Korelath

The Korelath


The XLV Korelath, its namesake a ferocious bear-like creature found in the mountains of Andor, is a reclaimed Kumari-class ship serving the Klingon Assault Group. The Korelath was started by three Andorians and is an Imperial Xeno Legion vessel, though membership is open to both Klingons and other spacefaring non-human aliens.


2014 Dark Moon Fleet Ship of Honor
2013, 2014 Wild Frontier Quadrant Ship of Honor

2013, 2014 Dragon Con Ship of Honor


XLV Korelath at Dragon Con 2016

Thian, Vynni, Ell, and Vyrian preparing for battle

Crew Roster

Commanding Officer: IXL Major Thellizhír vestai-ch’Lethlaen
(Nico H. – they/them)

Commanding Officer, Wild Frontier Quadrant, 2015-2020; 2021-Present

Ell (he/him) is a Thalassan Andorian chan, one of the last members of the keth (clan) Lethlaen from what was once the Thalilezin archipelago on Andor. At 20, unbonded and disillusioned with the monotony of Federation culture, Ell left his home planet. After working numerous odd jobs, he met Vynni, and a few years later, the two went from hired guns to fighting under the banner of the Klingon empire. Recently, Ell has rediscovered his own culture and works to represent the Andorian contingent within the Klingon Assault Group.

His hobbies include collecting shiny rocks, stockpiling trashy holonovels, and regretting every time he tells a Klingon he can drink them under the table.

Executive Officer/Chief Science Officer: IXL Captain Thevynnian “Vynni” vestai-ch’Chavar (Rydia H. – they/them)

Vynni (they/them), also a Thalassan Andorian, is the chei of a very wealthy bondgroup, and older chi of Thian. Vynni and Thian’s family are part of the keth Aldin, which specializes in science. Vynni loathed their assigned bondmates and had no desire to complete the shelthreth, so they ran away at the age of 15. Now 30, Vynni has been everything from a bartender to an assassin. They met Ell while serving as a “science officer” with a band of Klingon outlaws. Their weapon of choice is a phase pistol, and they are proficient with a bat’leth.

Chief Medical Officer: IXL Lieutenant Lissan tai-ch’Zahar (Angel O. – he/they)
On Assignment in Klin-Fire Fleet

Lissan (he/they) was born in the frigid ice caves of Andoria. Upon the death of three out of his four parents, their charan took them to train in the fine art of combat deep in the mountains. This training gave him the opportunity to lead a true warrior’s life, and living this way inspired them to pursue freedom from an arranged marriage. Upon the completion of their training, they embarked on her destiny of space exploration by leaving Andoria and moving to Deep Space Nine. After many trials in their quest to join a starship, he abandoned the pursuit for acceptance into Starfleet and instead chose to join the crew of the Korelath. Lissan enjoys Andorian ale, sparring with their shipmates, and singing the songs of their people.

Chief of Security: IXL Lieutenant Vyrian tai-St’lar (Cecil V. – he/him)

Romulan mercenary.

Security Officer: IXL Lieutenant Thian tai-th’Chavar (Audrey H. – they/them)

Brother to Vynni, Thian is a quiet and graceful warrior gifted in the martial arts.

Chief Communications Officer: 2nd Lieutenant Anara (Michelle W.)

Anara, an Aenar, negotiated a treatise with the Earth organization Let’s Make a Deal and greeted members of the USS Discovery at the Discovery premiere, appearing in the Special Feature on the Season 1 DVDs. She also infiltrated the Klingon Empire House of Kurkura disguised as Mara after several hours in a tanning booth.

Chief Tactical Officer: 2nd Lieutenant Da’vI’ (Angel C. – he/they)

Da’vI’s tactical skills come from years of raiding Nauiscaan pirate ships for Latium and goods to donate to the monks of Boreth and other colonies on the outer rim of the Klingon empire.

Medical Officer: Warrior Jen’ihl G’ak’Mim (Jenni N.)

Warrior Takaar Aramie (Lou J. – she/her)

Former Bajorian Resistance fighter.

Warrior Kostovo (Ken G.)

Vynni, Lissan, and Ell after a victorious battle on the ground. Photo by Venture Cosplay.

Vynni, Lissan, and Ell after a victorious battle in the Terran wilds. Photo by Venture Cosplay.

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