XLV Korelath

AER: Arisia 2014

Vynni, Lissan, our Terran friend Jenny, and I arrived at the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel on Friday, January 17. After checking in, we headed to the Westin to pick up our badges and get the lay of the land for our first Arisia.

On Saturday morning, we suited up bright and early to man our fan table in the Dealer’s Room. It was good to finally meet members of local Starfleet ships and the IKV Shadow’s Edge. We took turns sitting at the table, where we had Star Trek Scene It running on Party Mode, and some flyers for interested parties to take. All in all, it was an interesting experience but only garnered us two sign-ups. I also disseminated flyers in case some folks missed seeing our table.

IXL Lt. Lissan tai-sh'Zarath, IXL Capt. Ell vestai-ch'Lethlaen, and IXL Capt. Vynni vestai-sh'Chavar at our Arisia 2014 Fan Table

IXL Lt. Lissan tai-sh’Zarath, IXL Capt. Ell vestai-ch’Lethlaen, and IXL Capt. Vynni vestai-sh’Chavar at our Arisia 2014 Fan Table

We also checked out the Art Show and Dealer’s Room, but did not attend any panels or events. It snowed heavily, which would have made a great photo opportunity if it weren’t so cold.

We did not end up returning to the convention on Sunday or Monday, but I am looking forward to spending more time there next year–hopefully in the host hotel.

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